Many people of my generation (in their 40s) are more or less panicked. More taxes, loss of social benefits, less money, more spending, and especially fear of the future. Many of us would emigrate if they had chances of finding work abroad easily … age … does not forgive ….

What I have observed, however, is that the generations immediately before mine, people in their 30s, and even youth either newly licensed or unlicensed, in their 20s, live in a constant state of fear.

  •     Fear of not being able to pay the bills, rent or loan.
  •     Fear of passing difficulties, not being able to give the family what it needs.
  •     Fear of having to depend on someone or some institution.
  •     Fear of failure, of losing self-esteem or to be criticized by the other.
  •     Fear of not meeting the expectations of the husband or wife, children, parents …
  • Fear of looking in the mirror and not liking what they see.

The crisis creates a sense of scarcity that is much deeper and has far greater implications than simply having or not having money.

So I need to share with you what’s happening with me. It may be time to eliminate the fear that is the rust of the soul.


I eliminated the fear.


In fact I became an emigrant, but a very particular emigrant.

I work here in my house, that I bought since I’m in Internet Marketing:

Vista da frente de casaView of front of house

  •     (Even in the middle of the photo is my dog, Maia.)

From the game room, I see the whole village. This is the view from my house:

Vista desde minha casaView from my house

On the same day I have generated income in Portugal, Brazil, USA, Canada, England, Angola, Cape Verde, Japan and India.

It’s as if I enjoy the advantages those economies offer (where there really is not any particular crisis) but without suffering any disadvantage, since I am in my house, in a rural village of Serra dos Candeeiros in Portugal, every day with my family.

Nowadays the available technologies allow us to do this and more. Live where we want, enjoy the simple life with the family, have incomes far, far above the average.

Today 90% of my time is spent teaching others who are looking for an opportunity to “emigrate” without leaving home, as I was awhile ago.

What does this have to do with you? If you’re still reading this article probably has everything to do with you.

To you, everything starts as it started for me. From the beggining. Here.

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