” Never a heart suffered while pursuing its dream . ” – Paulo Coelho

One of the things that most people fear is stepping into the unknown, to discover something they never saw before and make something new out of the routine and what is known. I know that.

Maybe you are not aware of it in yourself of what I wrote above. There are so many beautiful words that fail to see the light of day on concrete action but I wish they were not on that list. To help you in understanding we act.

One day you read “The Secret” or seen the movie. You were so excited and thrilled! But is that really how it works? Does that positive thinking has so much power? We just need to wish it with a lot of strength, visualize the results, do the ” dreamboard “?

By now you should have come to the conclusion that no, this is not enough. Not that ” The Secret ” is wrong, no, let’s say that it is not very detailed.

When you throw a wish into the universe it conspires to make it come true, as Paulo Coelho said. Yes this is true. But what is that “conspiracy”? What does it consist of?

This conspiracy is to give your opportunities, ideas, inspiration.

Imagine that you dream of having a new home. You do everything as directed and you’re waiting for the miracle. One day someone invites you to a meeting where some influential friends in your area of work. You’re not going, you’re tired. Another day you see on the Internet that a house is on sale for half price, but you have no money or no credit and can’t pay for it so you don’t pay attention. Then an acquaintance tells you about a business opportunity, or you see something on the Internet. You don’t even explore any of that because you do not want to invest money or have more concerns.

Only in this example: 3 lost opportunities. Some of them would take you directly to the realization of your dream? No, but each was placed in your way by the same Universe of who you asked the realization of a dream.


You ‘ll never know it, but if you had gone to such a gathering of friends you would find a very successful businessman, he would love two or three of your ideas and would propose a fantastic deal on your line of work.

You would duplicate your monthly income. If you had gone to see the home of the announcement, a bargain, you would know that you could still buy it a little cheaper, and if you went to the bank with your new salary, you’d have your loan approved. You missed the opportunity on the internet, it came to give you the possibility, with time, to manage a business online, of international level and increase the size of your dream.

You could you retire in 5 or 6 years, living anywhere you want with the quality of life that you ambitioned.

But you would never know it. Why? Because small decisions and actions that were asked of you did not take place and, therefore, your life followed a different path from what you had dreamed.

God does not give you anything. Gives you rather the conditions for you to conquer anything you want. And your first conquest is your unknown sleeping potential. You’ll pay the price for your dream? No. If this is indeed your dream, you will, instead, enjoy the price.

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