“Enthusiasm is the greatest strength of the soul, saves it and you will never lack power to get what you want.” – Napoleon Hill

And the weighted say: “Yeah,enthusiasm is very nice, but if you were behind on home payments and you were at risk of loosing your house, I would like to see your enthusiasm.

And the crazy say, Good! Tomorrow will be better, something good will happen, this or that project will be awesome and everything will come together.”

What’s the difference?

Who, in the midst of difficulties, maintains and increases the enthusiasm for the future, is already living that future right now.

Practical result: common things happen usually happen to common people and exceptional things tend to “happen” to people with enthusiasm.

Interesting, no?

But how to get excited about the future when you see only trouble ahead?” Good question! Start by looking for opportunities that are hidden and that only shown themselves to those who seek them.

Once you find even just one, your enthusiasm begins to rise and your life will never be the same.

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