“And yet it moves.” – Galileo Galilei

Galileo argued that the Earth was moving around the sun and not vice versa. The Inquisition arrested him and judged him.

Few years before another scientist named Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for saying such a thing. Faced with the same perspective for himself, Galileo recanted and claimed at trial that the Sun actually moved.

After stating that, according to legend, he concluded, “yet it moves“, or rather “eppure si muove“.

Despite all the efforts of the most powerful institution of the day, some seeds of truth had been sown and grew unstoppably.

Copernicus, Giordano Bruno and Galileo are just a few names, there were some others, but not more than half a dozen. Do you think there will be someone in the world today who still thinks it is the Sun that moves around the earth? Perhaps there is still some, but this idea was consumed by the observation of facts.

This story serves to illustrate the power that has an idea whose time has come.

They can fight the idea, may try to hide it and get over it, but its own power makes it inextinguishable.

It happens every day.

In early Christianity, and Islam, for example, in the midst of persecution prospered, the beginning of the age of reason, in the eighteenth century, the call was from the Aquarius and the explosion of individual spirituality, etc..

You have your own idea whose time has come, you feel that nothing can stop you.

If it is a very good idea it will find a lot of opposition because it will revolutionize some ways of thinking, starting with yours.

Do not give up the nurture idea and develop it even when you feel forced to swallow a frog for it, think like Galileo: “eppure si muove”, “yet it moves.”

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