“I would willingly die burned like Faeton, if that was the price to pay to reach the sun and know what is its shape, size and substance.” – Eudoxus

This astronomer, Greek philosopher and mathematician lived in what is today Turkey, and was responsible for introducing the West’s concept of the solar year of 365 and 6 hours that we currently have and what causes that, every four years we have an extra day (February 29). Anyway, these things are known to all, I just pointed them out here to present the author of today’s powerful phrase.

What causes a person to gladly pay such a high price in exchange for something as prosaic as “knowledge”.

Moreover, what makes 80% of the population to not go through the trouble of reading a book (one!) per year? and the same 80% to even try to find a way to live happier? Or explore their limits in things as important as the body, mind and spirit?

Is it because the price of doing these things is so high? No.

What is high is the price of not doing them.

Eudoxus was so tired of paying the price of ignorance that he would gladly pay any price necessary in exchange for wisdom.

There are so many who are tired of paying the price of being poor who are determined to be rich, others are so fed up with paying the price of loneliness that will pay any price for love, and others will pay whatever it takes to become the person who they devised one day.

And the price is so cheap you pay it smiling.

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