"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn it by doing hard things well." – Jeff Bezos

No one was ever great by being small, nor admired by bring normal. The culture of the "now" and of "free" is responsible for a lot of personal tragedies.

What have we learned? Want to have something? "Yes, now!" Want something? "Yes, now!" Want to pay the price? "No, I want it all, now and for free."

Monthy Python also say it is " the right of any man to bear children of their own uterus if he so wishes … as a symbol of his struggle against reality."

You might want everything now and free. You have that right yes. The question is whether the world agrees with your right or if reality has different criteria.

Clearly if you desire to be "badass" you need to be "badass". It is impossible to be "badass" and be average at the same time, following the ideas of the majority, doing what the majority does. To gain recognition, and get the credit, you need to think, decide and act differently, you have to be the creator of your own statistics.

When there is something that no one ever did, or that few did, and that is important to you. Do it. Learn, plan, devote yourself, risk, love yourself, give yourself.

While you are an " oddball ", unlike everybody else, they may also mock you. After you do something that's very difficult, everyone will think you're a special person. And you are.

You are a true hero simply because you did your best and did what was possible to be done. Most people don't.

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