“If I was boss, I’d remove the word “too” from the dictionary. It does much harm to humanity.” – Louise Hay

How often do you stop what takes you to self-realization, happiness and success simply because in a certain critical moment you say to yourself:

– “I am TOO young”

– “I’m TOO old”

– “I’m TOO poor”

– “It’s TOO late”

– “Is TOO early”

– “I’m TOO busy”

– “I’m TOO ignorant”

– “I’m TOO shy”

– “IT’S TOO hot”

– “Is TOO cold”

– “Is TOO expensive”

After believing in these lies you invent an excuse and go another way.

Your potential is overlooked on a highway that you could have traveled.

This terrible disease that keeps 95% of the population in poverty is called “excuseitis” and it’s responsible for the greatest miseries of mankind.

Eradicate excuseitis from your mind.

Strengthen your immune system with enthusiastic ACTION.

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