“Eighty percent of success comes from exposing ourselves.” – Woody Allen

I like Woody Allen for his simple form of staggering.

Your success is directly related to your value and how you communicate that value (exposure).

You can be the world’s best professional in your area, but if you do not expose yourself you’ll never have much success. On the other hand, you can learn one or two skills or have one or two talents that can serve a few people and get rich in the process by transmiting those talents to whom enjoies them.

Do not expect to have all the answers or clear ideas, you won’t.

But keep making yourself better, more valuable every day and communicate this value, expose your strengths and weaknesses, doubts and solutions.

Suddenly you will notice that a great personal success came in your house without you even realizing it had knocked at the door.

After you hear someone say: “I also do this, and much better than him, how he is so successful and I’m not?” You hear that a cook who is your friend say in relation to Jamie Oliver, a conservatory musician in relation to Mind The Gap, a renovation painter in relation to Miró, a amateur footballer in relation to a friend called in for the 1st league, a writer of poems in relation to a friend who was recently published.

You could fill the world with three times with the buried talent that will never serve anyone only for fear of exposure.

When you expose yourself you present yourself as you are to the world, afraid of ridicule, criticism, disappointments and failure, but you expose yourself anyway because the alternative would be to give in to fear and die in the shell with the excuse that “I’m very modest “or worse,” I’m so good that my talents will be discovered for themselves.

Do not make these mistakes. Expose yourself. That in itself is worth 80% of your success.

You’ll only win if you develop the remaining 20.

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