“Our fatigue is often not because of work, but worry, frustration and resentment.” – Dale Carnegie

Have you noticed that you have in your life two types of entities related to your energy: one that provides it and another that sucks iit. If you think about it a little you can identify each of them:

  • Enthusiasm, for example, belongs to the type of providers, as well as passion, optimism, organization, discipline, positive vision of the future.
  • Among the suckers we have, right at the top, concern. Then negative thinking, low self -esteem, frustration and resentment, lack of prospects, the feeling of being trapped and in a messy life: small and big things unresolved.

If you think that the quality of your life is valued by the amount of energy that you erradiate, that you put in everything you do, it’s easy to understand that if you surround yourself with suckers little or nothing will be left to radiate.

You’re no more than an extinguished star that brings nothing of value to the universe and therefore gets nothing back.

Learn to control the suckers, one by one . They are nothing more than wild animals waiting to be tamed. It requires work, dedication and patience, but as the dominating happens, your energy accumulates, and accumulates, until you start to shine again and regain your life back.

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