“Sometimes, when everything goes wrong, such wonderful things happen that never would have happened if everything had worked out.”

I don’t quite understand the dread that apparently most people have of failure. I am becoming more convinced that this is something that does not exist: it’s only a label someone glues on a bottle without even checking what’s inside.

I think that should be the need for control and predictability , which are security needs , which lead us to dictate arbitrary rules that may not have anything to do with reality .

In his immortal book “The Little Prince”, Saint-Exupéry gives a genius example of this stupid failure. If, in the middle of the night, you tell the sun to get up now, you think you’d succeed? And the blame for your failure is who? The sun? Your ability to give orders? Or your idiocy in putting yourself in a position without defense, throwing your own credibility and credibility of others in a move that you can only lose? This is called a failure. Not because you didn’t have authority, not because you didn’t have competence, but simply because you decided to evaluate yourself for an outcome that could never exist simply because it is not in the nature of things. What was the result of your order to the sun? Yes, a failure because it didn’t produce the effect you wanted (who knows why!).

But this failure is not really a result, it’s more of a circumstance. The true result is: what you have learned from it. And here’s the real success or failure:

  • If you have learned something that enriched you: Any experience is a success.
  • If you have learned something that impoverished you: Any experience is a failure.

Therefore, succeeding or failing, nothing depends on the outcome of your actions, but on what you do with that result, whatever it is.

That’s why, I fell, there is no one who has failed as much and in such big things as very successful people.

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