“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you accomplish your desire.” – Paulo Coelho

I read this more than 10 years ago in the “Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Read and understood. The universe conspired something in my favor? Not that I of .

In a 2006 my sister introduced me to Wayne Dyer and the “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life” and through him I found Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” .

In 2007 I had contact with Deepak Chopra and “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” Then came “The Secret”, the movie. A year after the book came out and the “Law of Attraction” exploded as a global phenomenon. Suddenly the old idea of ​​”The Alchemist”, which for me was the first contact with this strange law of attraction, was once again gaining prominence.

I saw everything, read everything I could lay hands on, I discovered Eckhart Tolle along the way and many other authors. There really is something magical about it at all, “Your thoughts can change reality because it vibrates at the same frequency of that.” And “everything you can imagine you can achieve.”

What is certain is that the success of the authors of attraction was, and is, so great that they all became great sales, worldwide phenomena and influence.

There are thousands of testimonials from anonymous people attesting miracles in their lives exposed on tv shows of enormous popularity, in hundreds of titles of books, magazines, websites.

Had it changed anything in my life? No.

While maintaining a positive attitude, visualization pumping, and enjoying my successes with anticipation, whenever I looked at my life, the day-to-day, I found the same problems, the same debt, the same difficulties, the same work, stress, struggle. It seemed that we were all playing a game but no one had explained to me all the rules.

And I was right.

There was a small detail that I had not seen and that made all the difference.

This detail is the “organized action.”

Indeed it is not explained anywhere. But there are clues.

The first, which opened my eyes, was Jack Canfield in “The Secret” who decided to earn $ 100,000 and succeeded. He had written a book that did not sell much (the best seller “Chicken Soup For the Soul”), after a lecture he met a journalist and got an article in the “National Enquirer” that blew up sales and won him over $ 90 000. Then did the same for one million, he was in hundreds of TV shows and also managed.

The secret of “The Secret” to him was that: HE HAD WRITTEN BOOK, had he not written the book the universe would not have a way to fulfill his desire. Plus, he gave the lecture, met the journalist, spoke to her, then made thousands of miles and spent months promoting the book in tv shows. If he had stayed at home waiting, nothing would have happened.

When I made this discovery (to have a certain shame in admitting it took me so long to do it, so obvious) my life changed.

I started studying Jim Rohn with other eyes, and then Jeff Olson (“The Slight Edge”) and got the necessary guidance to plan and execute my dream.

If you care to know the secrets of success, personal and professional fulfillment, money, love and a full life, ponder the possibility of studying these subjects as if you were in school. Everything is instruction (instruction = theoretical + practical training). Learn from those who have results, copy the ideas and build yourself a plan, one for each objective.

This is what I have done and I must say, with enthusiasm, it works … finally! Hufff!

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