“You’re not a human being who has experience of the infinite, but the infinite having a human experience.” – Wayne Dyer

“All the answers are within you.” “Find the perfect being that you already are,” “Work on yourself”, “For things to change you have to change first,” “Nothing is impossible”, etc.. etc.. etc..

This is not new, all the wise men say the same thing, each with a different color and light, in the hope that some of the faces resonate at the same frequency as you and and give you light.

Right here on this blog, this issue is addressed again and again. I’m not afraid of becoming annoying because, sometimes, for something to resonate within us, the light has to cover a certain angle. By multiplying the angles and the colors of light, I increase the odds of hitting.

If you look in this blog you will see all the posts  have the same message.

Indeed I have nothing more important to say than this: Find yourself and put into action all that you are.

Act upon yoursef. How? Search for clues and follow them.

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