“The process of change in life is more important than achieving a goal or measuring progress.” – Theodore Isaac Rubin

I have seen very successful people in various areas of life and detect a common point:

all of them are successful doing things they love.

Nobody can have lasting success if they did not love the process to becoming successful, the small daily things you need to do.

A gold medalist marathon runner could not get on the podium if he didn’t love the race simply because he couldn’t bear the endless hours of daily training, years in a row. A manager can not succeed if he hates management, a shoemaker the smell of leather, cook the food, a builder manual labor, a hunter the outdoors, a salesperson human relations.

Investigate the things you love to do, that make you feel good about yourself and complete.

If your profession is something else and you have to put food on the table doing something you hate, face your position as a provisional and start today to do what you really love.

Start as a hobby or part-time, but the important thing is to start.

Then begin the process of monetization of your passion. In the future you will be able to live it and who knows, live very well because our passions have the “defect” of giving us much more than what they receive from us.

You will see that the path is already part of the result, the process of change of life is already change in itself.

If you still do not know the reason why you’re here I’ll tell you: to become happier every day starting today. Today can be your first day.

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