“The first step to achieve something is to desire it.” – Mother Teresa

But do not forget that desiring something is only the 1st step.

No one goes far if they merely take a first step.
Actually, I say more: the first step is the most exciting, you had no difficulties or failures or disappointments.

The most important thing is to take the final step.

Everyone can desire. Take the first step. Some of people actually decide to take the second step and do something about it. Few persevere through disappointments, the betrayals, failures and demotivation.

Those that do also take the last step and make their dreams come true.

On average how many are those who take the last step?

I do not know, but will surely be far fewer people than those who took the first.

And now? Desire!

Desire fervently!

It fills up your fuel tank. Then you have to hit the road, go through all the miles one by one until you reach your destination.

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