“Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow character reap a destiny.” – Anonymous

Even if you don’t realize it, you have a life philosophy. You know what? It’s your vision of the world and your place in it. And it is this philosophy that draws your destiny.

It seems … you’re still a little distracted and didn’t catch the implications of this statement …

I’ll take a break. Breathe deeply three times, close your eyes and repeat the breathing 3 times. Do it now, I’ll wait…….. All ready? Ok, so I’ll repeat: “Your worldview is what shapes your destiny.” I have repeated. Is it not strange? Then it’s not my studies? my health? my job? my opportunities? luck or bad luck? my income? my wife or husband? the boss? the government? No. It is your philosophy of life, your worldview. I’ll give you two examples:

  •     If you see fit that the world is hostile, and your place in it is to fight for your survival, that is how it will be for you and survival are your actions. You will be suspicious of everyone and everything except your very restricted circle of trust. To you the universe is a place of scarcity. Seven dogs and one bone and the fastest or the strongest gets to keep it, the others go hungry. You’ll work focused on competition, the world’s scarce on resources and the strongest are the ones that survive.
  • If you understand your position in this world as part of the group of the strong you can have as much success as a black hole, sucking everything around it, creating prosperity at the expense of the weak.

On the other hand, if you you have this vision of the world and see yourself as weak, you generate resentment and envy against those who are successful because they understand that they have it at the expense of the weak, in which you include yourself, so you feel robbed and this will strengthen your philosophy of life in which the world is hostile and you have to fight for your own survival.

You can also see the world as friendly.

With this view of the world you live in “contribution mode” (unlike the “survival mode” of the previous paradigm).

  •     You can understand your place in the world like a piece of a big puzzle, small but essential for the picture to be complete.
  •     You become generous also to strangers, sharing your assets (whether money, knowledge, or other) with whom wants to take the opportunity and you enjoy yourself and you take the opportunities in everything that others put in your reach.

There is no competition but cooperation.

For you the world is abundant for all and you do not have to run after the same bone your neighbor is running after, you take advantage of the abundance placed at your disposal, just because you see it, while living in survival mode your mind is only fixed on the shortage.

Logically, your view of the world and your role in it influence your whole existence.

I like to call this the “map of reality”. However, if you have realized that the map is not the territory, you can modify the map so it better serves your purpose.

You can actually choose to follow the “survival map” or  the “contribution map.” And this choice is made through your smallest acts that generate habits that generate chronic forms of thinking that form your philosophy.

On the other hand, to modify smaller acts, you need to modify your philosophy.

It seems a kind of a fish with the tail in it’s mouth, but it is actually a process in which an act modifies your philosophy that modifies your actions.

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