In Portugal, every day thousands of people enter the labor market. Some have lost a job and are looking for another, others finished or dropped out of their studies.

A large percentage of the population, both young and less young lives with an income of about 500 euros per month. Even the minimum wage is around that. Again we have a Five Hundreded Portugal, only this time a bit different from the first.

Can one live with 500 €? Of course, yes, if you don’t have to pay your house or transport, or school, or clothing, or health. Can you have quality of life with 500 €? Evidently not.

It is not for what the money provides you, which is little more than food, but what the lack of it prevents you from achieving.

When you don’t have money you don’t have voice.

What alternatives? Are there any? Sure.

Some people stay in the Five Hundreded Portugal, learn to live in it and want nothing more. “Leave me alone.”

But there are others, new entrepreneurs, readers of this blog, who think that freedom is priceless and that it’s worth fighting to change your life. Not everything is about work and employment.

It is true that money is not everything, so this is one of my highlights in life: “That you will never do anything for the money, but won’t neglect to do anything because of the money!

Success for all.

Rui Gabriel

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