“The best way to pay for a nice moment is to enjoy it.” – Richard Bach

There is a time for everything under heaven. Things start to go wrong when you blend evrything. You get confused when you are something when another is asked of you.

I think that happiness involves being a parent when you’re with the kids, being a husband when you’re with your wife, an entrepreneur in the company, an athlete in the gym, a master when you share, an apprentice when you learn, a strategist in planning, an executive in execution, a thinker when you searche, a walker when you find.

You are everything to everyone at all times.

And deep, deep down, you are something that surpasses all roles: yourself. That energy that gives meaning to everything you do. That puts all your actions in one direction: your purpose.

I talk a lot of purpose, others call it a vocation, or “calling”.

Has a power so great when you discover it, that brightens the colors of everything around you.

Have you heard saying “follow your heart”? It’s not “Do what ever comes to mind” or “do whatever you want”, but to follow your purpose, what your intuition says is your home, even if it seems that it’s irrational, impractical, difficult.

Make your choices. You’ll see that you probably have to give up some things that you like, but you’ll definitely get to combine your project with everything that is already important in your life, and, most importantly, enjoy the small joys that are placed in your way.

They are food for the journey.

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