“In life, there are no solutions. There are forces in motion: it is necessary to create them and then they will lead you to the solutions.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I like to call these “forces in motion” or “the little things” those little things that you create and that, compacted by time, will produce the expected results.

Last May I decided to make extra 20 thousand euros this year then last year. Of course I didn’t think to increase the number of working hours, because I’m in the process of reducing those same hours (that’s for another post), but to increase the income. Maybe you’re thinking “that’s pretty much: to win another 20 thousand euros, but in times of crisis without increasing working hours, this idea is just a wish.”

Of course you’re right if you dont’ take into account the power of “the little things.” I don’t go after the result, I go after  the “forces in motion,” I look for the little things that put the wheels in motion. And so I did.

– One thing I realized was the commitment to this blog. It was more or less abandoned and I began to write it more regularly, until I can snap it in my daily schedule (check the number of posts per month to see the progression).

I spent about twenty minutes each day to write “The phrases” and those twenty minutes are a breath of fresh air in my day: I am obliged to read, reflection and meditation. I am forced to slow down and take time for myself. This is the first positive effect.

The other effect is that, because of this blog, several opportunities have arisen and many others will arise, I met new people, I have readers all over the world, my subscriber list grows every day. In relation to my goal, these 20 minutes a day I could have a small slice of the extra 20.000 euros.

– I wrote a small book and put it on the internet for free. It took me three days to write it, and I have 2050 downloads so far, but it’s still online. I did work once but the results are perpetuated. This little book resulted in several contacts, met more interesting people and an opportunity arose to yield some (good) thousand euros. Another force was set into motion.

– I am daily in collaboration with a group of Internet Marketers in the Portuguese language. Participate in social network, and help teach what I know, I ask for help if I do not know. From that daily contact of a few minutes, I created a contact base of over 400 people, some of them very interesting and created a source of automatic income through membership (check the form here beside and banners).

This “force march” have modest incomes, but daily. At the end of the year represent a good portion of my goal.

There are more, but they are for another time.

The point is you want to achieve a goal?

First create the conditions: reduce that objective into “small tasks”, things that you may do a few minutes daily and does not interfere with your busy life.

This is the “little thing” that will put the “forces in motion.” Next thing you know, you are there.

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