I met Carlos Barradas when he was a plumber and was going through so many difficulties that even hurt the soul to hear, because he is a good person, a good friend.

We talked about how hard it is to have a business these days and I even confided to him that, for me, an entrepreneur today has to be a superhero to be able to succeed in the world of traditional business.

This happened about 6 months ago when I myself was starting my business online with the Empower Network, within the group of Lazy Millionaires.

Carlos was looking for a Plan B and found it. Yesterday he posted this video, I asked his permission to publish it on my blog, with a soul full of joy.



Carlos found Plan B, which today is a Plan A for him.

A subscription of $ 25 began a revolution that gave more than $ 2,000 last month.

You yourself, as Carlos Barradas or me, you can start a new career, learn from millionaires how to make more than $ 1000 per month or $ 1000 a day as your ambition.

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