“My doctor sucks … he didn’t even prescribe me anything!” – My neighbor

If this were a videoblog, today’s post would have a distorted voice and a black band to cover the eyes of my interlocutor. But as this blog is written and I have several neighbors, I think her identity is protected.

The most interesting was the continuation of the conversation:

“… now, Dr. (bleep) is a medical of good category! I get there and bam! I’m sent straight to the hospital. In an ambulance and everything! She’s the one who prescribed all my meds. I’m here because of the strength of pills! “

Have you had or heard such conversations? Isn’t it funny?

I know nothing of public health, but for me, if I go to the doctor and he tells me I have high blood pressure or cholesterol or blood sugar, or an ingrown toenail or an altered heart or liver or something else, I will not be more rested because he prescribe me some chemicals.

For me these manifestations of “non-compliance” of my body are only to warn me of how “non-compliantly” I’ve been treating it.

Therefore, what one has to do is re-read the manual and comply with the rules of good use.

You do not want to have a lot of money and waste all your health to get it, to then spend all the money to regain that lost health.

If you do not have time to do a little daily exercise you might not have time to spend on medical treatments in the near future, on tests,  admissions, surgeries and queues at the pharmacy.

I’m talking about health today because it’s common for us to think that one thing is work, another is health, another the mind, another the body, another spirituality, another relationships, and another personal success.

Wrong, these are all manifestations of the same.

Do not think that your life will be complete if you are not minimally successful in all these areas of life.

You don’t want to be a great athlete but not being able to fulfill basic needs and not provide your dependent’s with the minimum essentials to have an abundant life.

And, by the way, surely you do not want to be a genius of intelligence but be unable to maintain a relationship with the family, or have a fantastic job but have broken health.

Have you ever played one of those strategy games were you assume the role of a character and that character has some parameters which allow you to stay in the game, like: strength (health), intelligence, humor, character, powers, an inventory of useful items, etc. .?

Make an analysis of your true character, the one who is now reading this post. Rate it point by point, in reality as it is, knowing that if you get a scratch on any of the parameters … you die. And look, you have no more lives to be able to continue your game. It really is GAME OVER.

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