“We must let ourselves be inspired by people who tell us that a human being can be kind, brave, generous, beautiful and strong even in the most difficult circumstances.” – Rachel Corrie

The author of this phrase, American, died at age twenty-three, in 2008, under an Israeli bulldozer whose driver took no notice of her, lying on the road, trying to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes.

Doesn’t her generosity inspire in giving her life for something she believed in?

How how many people gave their lives for an idea!

There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time of realization just arrived.

Do you think you’d be able to do an act of generosity of this measure ? Risk and eventually lose your life to defend others, other you don’t even know?

I know you do. The day that you will be asked by your conscience is still to come, but if the time comes you will be a hero simply because you are human.

But the day came, and arrived today, were you are called to continuous acts of kindness for yourself and the people that surround you.

And this is more difficult because it is not dramatic.

Make a small choice that will improve the life of a friend of yours or acquire a small discipline that will bring more abundance for you and those around you, or better health, or more quality of life, these actions are too small to echo in your ego, they have nothing romantic or dramatic, but are no less important than unleashing your open chest to the bullets to defend a family of helpless strangers.

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