"Life is full of misery, loneliness and suffering – and ends too soon." – Woody Allen

One would assume that if something is so bad, we'd wish it was over quickly. Not with life.

We complain that life goes by flying, that it's a vale of tears. Then, if someone dies young, poor guy was so young. If we get the old age we say: "how sad, look at what we become!"

If I were God I don't know if I would have the patience to put up with me, humanity.

Perhaps the scales will be balanced by those of us who never complain.

  • They may protest, but don't complain.
  • They may not have, not be nor be able to do what they would like, but don't complain.

– Instead they fight, work, strive to overcome themselves every day.

I think that these people are teaching God a lesson: "I was thrown into this world as you made me, but when I return to your home will be a much improved version."

  • As revenge I think it's great and as a lesson it's perfect.

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