” Do your duty and a little more, and the future will take care of itself.” – Andrew Carnegie

This presents two problems. The first is to identify what is your duty, the second is to know when it is fulfilled and from when you’re doing a bit more.

Let me give an example. You have a job. Accountant. Your job is to manage the company’s accounts in order to organize their tax for them. Right? And your duty ends where? In meeting the deadlines? In accounting for everything correctly? In helping your client how to pay less tax? To give your client tips, solutions? And your concern? It is much, little or none? And your kindness? And your patience? Are you focused on accomplishing the tasks or on fulfilling them with excelence? And what is it to be excellent at what you do?

The answer is ” modeling “. The ” technical drawing ” you have in your mind and that describes your duty and what it is to be excellent, comes from an example. Someone you contacted with, or met, who did things a certain way and who, for you, is the model of competence, the call of duty and excellence .


You will compare yourself with this model and you’ll evaluate yourself through there. The problem is that your model may be your boss and he can be mediocre. Or it could be a colleague, or someone in your profession who is not really excellent.

So you must have a mentor: look for the best person that you can find in your profession and glue yourself to him. Do your “dimensional model” so you can copy it, evaluate yourself and improve yourself. You’ll begin to understand what is to give it your all and give a bit more when you do not compare yourself with your model but with your colleagues.

You’ll find that you’re way ahead, that you have a clearer vision of the future, that you work more, are more efficiently and have more results.

So, by looking at your journey you will understand where it was that you passed your duty and were excellent.

You can see it then, because the moment you’re living in that situation, you just know that you are giving it all.

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