“Every day can be a starting point for a win, no matter what you lost before.” – Evaldo Kings

It’s sunny outside, the cold autumn finally begins to show up and the air is so clean that cleanses the soul with every breath. Your current situation doesn’t  have the slightest importance to, if you are well off or badly, if you are emotionally solved (or resolved) or unresolved, or if you like love yourself for who you are or even hate yourself. None of that matters.

Imagine you are sitting on the first step of a stairway of a thousand steps. You have a problem. And this problem is not the fact that the staircase has a thousand steps, and it is not that you’re on the first, and  it’s also not the fact that, eventually, you have stayed on that first step for many years. No. Your only problem is that you’re sitting down.

Remember: doesn’t matter on what step you are, as long as you’re not sitting.

Your past does not define you as a person, nor has it to condition your present actions.

You are free in the Now.

Wayne Dyer says that the track of the boat in the water does not determine its direction, it’s only a track where the boat went in the past, now the pilot can change direction at will, with complete freedom.

Today, make the determined decision (decision + action) to get your but off the stairs and climb one more step.

Only one. It’s easy to do? Sure. It’s easy not to do? Of course.


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