“The world belongs to excited people who know how to stay calm.” – William McFee

One of the hardest things that I have encountered is trying to stay quiet when you have a knowledge or experience that excites you and the prospect of future that is for you.

Imagine you found a gold mine and you only have to dig and collect as much gold as you can.

Can you stay in the calm needed to extract indeed a lot of that gold? Or get so excited at the prospect that just opened before your eyes that you forget that you actually need to dig?

You walk around shouting from the rooftops the joy of discovering the mine, your friends and family find it very good and you do not understand why they do not exactly believe in you.

They will only start believing when the gold takes effect.

And to produce effects in your life the gold has to be dug, one nugget at a time, with permanent work.

In order to create and keep focus and discipline as a “miner” you have to forget the gold and focus on “digging”.

The gold will come, the mine is full of it, but in your day-to-day the only thing you see is a pickaxe to dig, a lot earth and many rocks to pulverize. It is then that the excitement fades, the excitement goes away and you’re only left with the dirty work of the mine and the certainty that the gold will come in abundance.

Whoever loses this certainty and fails to do the job will rationalize and say to himself: “stop being stupid, there is no gold here.”

And you want to know something: it’s true, he really is stupid and there is no gold there for him.

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