”Behavior modifies thought.” – Jacob A. J.

  • If you smile you become happier,
  • If you visit sick people you increase your compassion.
  • When you eat healthy food, you think more about health,
  • When you shake someone’s hand, you become nicer.
  • If you act patiently, you gain patience.
  • If you act impulsively you become more impulsive.

There is no doubt: to be who you want to be you have to act as if you were it already: creating habits, doing actions. This will change your thinking, your evaluation system, which in turn will further guide your actions in that direction.

Think about what you want to change in yourself, then see how you would behave if you already are who you want. Act that way.

The demand for natural congruence between what you are and what you do outside will make you change inside, from the outside. Then, from the outside in,  in an unstoppable changing dynamics.

Is it hard? No. To be honest I find more difficult to explain it than to do it.

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