“It’s not beneficial to help a friend by putting coins in his pockets when there are holes in them.” – Douglas Hurd

I have found that it is easier to help than to be helped. It’s that by “giving” aid we have the instant gratification of feeling both as “good guys” and “superior”, a very nice combination of emotions.

This way it’s not difficult to be generous.

Now imagine that today you let yourself be helped by someone. Not only you don’t have that immediate little gratification, as you know that the other may be feeling superior and it makes you feel smaller.

But consider this: Will you not be more generous and humanly mature if you let yourself be helped and also give other people the possibility of being generous with you?

Your ego says this can not be, but your generosity says that it can not be otherwise: sometimes you help, other times you let others help you.

The ragged pockets are another interesting metaphor: They represent dependence.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who does not move except to ask for help and does not come out of its shell to help others, you ask him to help in something he can really be helpful. This is how you cover the holes of his pockets: make him generous and proactive, give them back their confidence and envolve him in this dynamic so fruitful of “give and take”.

What does this have to do with your day-to-day? Everything.

Consciously work in your human relations to promote your humanity and that of those around you, with patience but with determination.

You will see the results start to emerge coming from unexpected sources: more <<health, more money, more love, more welfare, personal and professional fulfillment, etc..

These are the fruits that you begin to reap as you elevate your human level and that of the people around you.

Start by covering the holes in your own pockets. And progress from there.

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