“Information, by itself, doesn’t change anything.”

I’ve already made ​​a mistake that, possibly, you’re in the process of making, if you have’t made it already: to accumulate huge amounts of information and thinking this changes something.

  • There are people who never read a book or see a movie, documentary, or whatever. Their development is compromised by lack of exposure to new ideas.
  • There are others that are gatherers of information. They study, read, learn. With the Internet it has become very easy. Anyone, in half an hour, can collect more information than that which can be read about whatever the subject is.

However, even with the proper information, little changes in one’s life. If information were enough, we could give out a book about the cure for alcoholism to an alcoholic and he would be healed. But we all know that doesn’t happen.

What is missing and must be added to information isn’t simply “action”.

This is the mistake autonomous people make, those people who think they can do whatever they need without needing anyone.

I’m a bit like this by nature. When you want to achieve something, you study, you dedicate yourself and you progress, through study and practice.

Is it a good way forward? It is. The best. However, to achieve great success, that too is not enough. What else do you need? A group. You need to surround yourself with the right people, the right influences. Besides through studing and practicing, you need to learn through modeling, copying a model.

The fact that you’re surrounded by people who pursue the same objectives as you makes your progression exponential because the knowledge and practice are multiplied by the interaction.

What is the path to your success, in whatever area of ​​life?

  • Having a Purpose.
  • Studying and Doing (alternately and consecutively).
  • Group.

You must have heard that “no man is an island” or “no one grows alone.” If you hadn’t heard it, you have now. It’s true.

In pursuit of your goal it’s easy to think that everything depends on you, that you can make it if you have clear ideas, if you draw a plan of action, learn and execute this plan. Admittedly, you can get far, but you will not be great.

What will make you great is sharing, caring for others, letting yourself be taken care of, helping and asking for help, in a spiral of greatness.

Whether in business, in love, in social relationships, at work, on your free time, or wherever, you either have full success as a person or you’ve failed in your purpose.

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