Before answering this great question, let’s take a little trip through the “old-school”.

The book Attraction Marketing and all the Empower Network System came to shake many of the so called “traditional” working ways with network marketing. The principle of “old school”, that you and I have learned and what we were taught by uplines is:

“Speak with many people”

Right? Right.

But to “talk” you have to say something.

And what is taught that saying?

If it happened to you what happened to me, I was taught that my company is the strongest, the fastest growing, which has the best scientists and the best products of the universe. And the Marketing Plan? The world’s best paid not know about percentages and even a stack of bonus. How to do this constantly takes a lot of claptrap is, and not everyone has, then invented up some meetings where someone explains it. In this case, “talk” to many people means simply invite them to this meeting. This is a good evolution of the previous system.

The problem is that people familiar end. After some time they can no longer hear us. Some of them got in, others did not, and those that did not continue to “put up with us” to go to such a meeting. I was taught and done it myself a few times:

Invite your friend to a drink or dinner, meet up somewere and then take him in your car to this meeting. With “treason” because otherwise we know he would not want to go and work with us.

I do not know if this type of procedures sounds familiar to someone. I did this a few times and this was a practice taught in training, I think it is still used by many distributors.

old_school_new_schoolTo invite strangers what teaches the “old-school”? Put flyers on cars and mailboxes, placing paid advertisements in newspapers, going out a few hours a day to trigger the encounter with strangers and talk to them about the business, make inquiries, distribute product samples etc guys.

Regarding internet methods it’s recommended: paid advertising (PPC), and dissemination of information in social networks through spam about our company, our opportunity is the best of all and ask people to “join”, ” sign-up “,” get in touch “,” buying products “etc.. After a follow-up more or less painful by phone with a large number of “interested parties” that say they do not want after all and many others to say that they will go to the meeting so they don’t have to put up with us, then do not show up. Sounds familiar?

What all these ways of working have in common? The persecution.

I do not want to discredit these methods but they are based on “you have to chase down your prospects.” Now chasing who does not want is very costly in time and money. And in 20 people that we chase down, one is interested in our business and want to know more.

Obviously if you want to have two people you have to run after 40 and so on. Hence the famous phrase: “you want more results, do more of the same.”

Dis anyone ever think of “doing differently” to get more results by working instead of “doing the same“?

What we advocate in the Magnet System is who understands that these are the methods that they want and like, continue to use them. Do more of the same. But we also understand that there has to be a way of doing business much more enjoyable and more successful. So Empower Network was developed.

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