I want to share with you my results the first 90 days (90 exact days) with Empower Network.

  •      Before even spending a cent on advertising, I generated 465 contacts.
  •      Of these, 70 people enrolled in Empower Network.
  •      I earned $13,032.07 dollars in commissions.
  •      I had my first day (24 hours) were I earned over $ 1000.

To get results in everything in life, we have to WORK INTELLIGENTLY, and use a VEHICLE that multiply our results.

There are people who start personal business in Network Marketing or Internet Marketing and do not know what to do. Get lost in the middle of too much information and too many opinions.

Others even know  “what” to do but do not know “how” to do it. They know they need to have contacts, but do not know how to achieve them. They know they need to do follow ups but do not know how. They know they need to enroll one person per day (or week, or month) but do not have the slightest idea of how to achieve this.

All that is missing to any of these people is not the will change their lives, or willingness to work. It is a method that provides the experience of the business.

Yes, the business has to be lived. It is not understood, it is lived. For “getting your hands dirty is what gives you the understanding.

And you have to be experienced to have an environment that will provide this experience.

You can not live the life of a football player passing your time with mountain climbers. You can’t experience the adrenaline of skiing if you live in the middle of chess players.

If you want to make money online, if you expect to have a good life with Internet marketing or network marketing, then you must be living this experience, you have to participate, be active in the process along with a community of winners.

Everything is possible for you, as it is for me or anyone else who wants to.

Someday you have to start having success. Today is that day.


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