Did you like the title? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get rich and do nothing for it?

The reality is that it is not possible, we can get ALMOST, ALMOST … and you’ll see how in the next 5 minutes of reading.

I just returned from Chicago where I received a check for 61,300.00 dollars. I got it with my work? Sure. Got it working? Of course not.

Did you get the difference between “get as a result of work” and “get as I work”?

Making money as a result of your work is much more than simply make money while working.

Personally I work 2 to 4 hours per day with Empower Network. I started six months ago and won, accumulated, more than $ 90,000 so far, more than 33,000 last month.

Is this the result of me working more now than before the Empower Network appear in my life? Of course not. In fact I used to work a lot more, but that does not mean I had more money, quite the contrary.

Rui Gabriel em Chicago Recebendo Cheque

Rui Gabriel in Chicago receiving a check for $61,300.00 in Commissions at Empower Network

The difference is in the vehicle. What I do while I work and how much they pay me for what I do. That’s the difference.

The truth is that the Empower Network system and the Lazy Millionaires is so powerful that, while I was in Chicago without even going to the Internet and DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my business, still got a little over $ 7000.00 in those four days because even without my intervention, the business went on online to find new customers and new sales that pay 100% commissions that I love to receive.





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