Everybody wants something and many of us are ready to do whatever it takes to get it. You have your own dreams, projects, ideas that you would like realize, and you know people who have been able to do just that.

So why is it that making our dreams come true is such a rare occurrence? Why is it that so many people, perhaps even you, have given up on trying to make them come true?

The reasons, or rather the excuses vary but there are always a few common complaints, such as; lack of money, lack of time, or life has taken me in another direction. In fact, only a hand full of people actually knows how to achieve this and that is because they have a method.

That is what you are going to learn today, a method of making all your dreams reality. Yes, you read this correctly, ALL your dreams.

The first thing you have to understand is that nothing is impossible. Something might seem impossible to you right now because you don´t know how to make it happen under the present circumstances. However, circumstances can change if you know what to do.

Right now, I am in the middle of moving. I just bought my dream house. The house is roughly 3300 square feet , with 32 300 square feet of land, gardens and all kinds of fruit trees, located right in the middle of a National Park with foxes in my backyard and hawks circling overhead. I love it, and now it is mine.

I am going to spend Christmas there. I have been living in a rented house that is old, damp, and too small for our needs for 9 years. I was happy there despite the living conditions and I am grateful to the house that sheltered my family, and frequently my friends, for so many years. Now my dream has come true. If you asked me on Christmas Eve of last year if I thought it was possible that I would be moving into a house like this my answer would have been, “That is impossible.”

The fact is that during the course of the year circumstances and my life, changed. The changes took place within me, now the results of that change are visible, and they have changed my reality. My impossible dream has come true. Some would call it a miracle. I´ll tell you the whole story of the purchase of this house with all the details another day. You can decide then if you want to call it a miracle or not. Today my new house will just serve as an example of the realization of an impossible dream.

What happened to me that year? Is it possible to teach and duplicate what I did? The answer is undoubtedly, YES. I have used this method to transform my personal life and apply it to my multi level marketing business regularly. What you are going to learn today is the simple step-by-step method I use.


The Method

Doing things is an occupation, doing things systematically with an objective and deliberate intent is a method. That is what you are going to learn. You are going to learn to do things in an organized and deliberate fashion until you reach your goal, so follow all the steps one by one.

  1. Make the decision to start the process of personal transformation.To buy a cup of coffee you don´t need to change our life, but buying your dream house requires a little more of a commitment. You have to make the decision to get out of your comfort zone, do something different and learn new things. Nothing in your life will change for you at this stage, because change will only occur when you make changes in yourself first. So begin by changing something you think is holding you back from realizing your dreams. It does not have to be something very difficult or important. Sometimes very small changes make much more of a difference than the big ones.
  2. Establish a Goal.Your goal will almost certainly fall within one of the following three categories: “I want to own”, or “I want be”, or “I want to do”. You are free to choose anything at all but work on one goal at a time. Choose one thing and write down for example, “I love my new car” or “I am a bestselling author”.You should try to be very specific, describing your goals in as much detail as possible and as if you have already experienced them. If a new car is your goal you should choose the make and model, write a check for the price of the car, and really feel like you own it. Visualize driving it every day and concentrate on how it makes you feel.If you goal is to travel, choose your destination and make your inner dialogue one of “memories” of your trip. Try to be specific about the place, the hotel, the weather, the scenery, the smells and the tastes. Remember to concentrate on how it makes you feel to be there. Sometimes it is helpful to put up pictures or notes to yourself as a reminder of your experience.  Leave them all over the house and at work if you find it helpful.
  3.  Live the goal.Analyze your goal and think of small adjustments you can make, or new habits you can acquire to help bring you closer to it, and do them every day. For instance, if your goal is to be a bestselling author, set aside a specific time every day to write. Allow yourself no excuses because you are living the goal of a bestselling author with a deadline. If your goal is to buy a new car, then go shop for it and take it out for a test drive as many times as necessary to help make you feel like it belongs to you.
  4. Take action.Now that you are living your goal, you need to take action. Just thinking about it is not going to get you there.  Start with small steps that you can easily take that will bring you closer to what you intend for yourself. So if your goal is to write a best seller, then take action. You need to do things that bring you closer to the reality of being a writer. You can do research by reading other best sellers in the genre you prefer and find out what makes them best sellers, take creative writing  classes or investigate different ways of getting published. Just make sure you keep writing every day.If your goal is a new car then research the car you want, shop for it, take it for a test drive, calculate how much you would need to set aside every month to buy it, research alternative sources of income.

The secret to this method is really quite simple. Once you have decided on your goal and your plan of action write it in your, day planner and DO IT, no matter what. It could be something as simple as setting aside 15 minutes a day to meditate, to go for a run, or to read. Just because something is simple, doesn´t mean it is not important to your process of transformation.

It is the doing of something, and not the thing itself that matters.  When you find that you no longer avoid any task that you set for yourself on a daily basis, you know you are on the road to transformation and your life will change.

There are two distinct moments in this process, the moment to think and the moment to act. If you think when you should be acting you will end up making excuses and not doing what you were supposed to do in the first place, so it is imperative that you do not mix up the two. Don´t think that you are too tired, that you will do it later, or that it is not that important if you do not do it today. The time for thinking has passed; it is time to get the job done.

As this process unfolds, you will begin to notice the changes in you and then, in your life. At that point in time you can re evaluate and see what you can do to reach your goal more quickly and efficiently.

Remember that it is little changes done consistently that lead to the big changes.  If you are persistent and consistent you can reach any goal you set for yourself on a personal level or a professional one, and how long it takes will be up to you. You will become a better person, and will have acquired the skills and confidence to teach your downlines to do the same.

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