“Even though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a new ending.” – Chico Xavier

I once heard Jim Rohn say: “it doesn’t matter where you find yourself, what matters is where you’re going” and honestly I didn’t believe it. If you are deep in a cave you can not want to get to the coral reefs, it simply is not on your horizon. You probably won’t even have the ability to even dream of reefs, for how far they are from your reality.

But yesterday I heard another Master, Wayne Dyer, on my mp3, which affirmed the freedom of choices regardless of our past:

“The trail left by the boat in the water does not determine its direction in the future.”

Then I evaluated my journey, what has happened in my life, and I noticed that sometimes the changes in direction are abrupt, they happen in a second and radically change lives. But most of the time these changes in direction are slow, imperceptible, but give overwhelming results, for good and for evil. It seems that the result is much higher than the effort invested and a tragedy or a miracle happens.

I believe that miracles happen, as I believe in illusionist’s magic.

They are miracles until you understand what mechanisms are behind the result.

And these mechanisms are always tiny, unnoticed and that is why they cause such a spectacular effect.

Can you change your past, the track you did in the water? No.

Can you change your future, now full of mud in a dark cave and tomorrow to dive in the clear waters of a coral reef? Yes.

How? Learn to use small hand movements, creating new habits and routines, one at a time, all imperceptible to an outsider, but one day, suddenly, they will bring out the magic that you hoped for.

Everyone will tell you: “You’re a lucky man.” And this will be true … to some extent.

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