“The formula for success I still do not know, but for failure it’s to satisfy everyone.”

Difficult to master the art of having no enemies or opponents, or someone who says bad things about us, or even to think less well of us!

Have you ever thought that you see yourself as you think others see you? If you feel that a particular person thinks that you are a thief, because of something you have done innocently, it makes you feel as if you were, either a crook, or even a liar, loafer, hardworking, responsible, rich, poor, a fighter or a failure.

So live you 23 of your 24 hours a day trying to do what is necessary so that you have no reason to think that others think you are less than what you want to make yourself appear. Hufff … Complicated huh?

Why do not you do your best and that’s it? No complications?

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