“You’re happy while you’re growing.”

I don’t know if you remember adolescence. When you discovered the world, family independence, freedom, rebellion, your group of friends that was worth more than gold, the intensity of thoughts and emotions, the world in black and white without politically-correct or gray areas, the very relative value of money and rules, very clear ideas about some issues and total confusion about others, eternal assurances that lasted one day.

Perhaps this attitude of discovery and challenge has completely left you.

  • If this happened you stopped growing and, I bet, you are not very happy.
  • On the other hand, if you keep irreverent, lord of yourself, looking to know more, learn other things, new experiences, risking everything for a vision, if you fall in love with an idea and you are willing to give it everything to see it done, if you feel yourself with a purpose and a mission, even though you may not yet know what it is, then you are growing.

In this case, your age doesn’t matter: you’re young, what your living conditions are don’t matter: you’re happy, I bet I know I win.

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