I remembered a good lesson today and my cold day became warmer an brighter.

(video script)

”Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel. In this video I’m going to explain something that, for me, changed my perspective, it made my day. My day became warmer, even thou there’s a storm, its raining, windy and cold but what I’m going to tell you today really brightened up my day and I’m very happy about that.

I just saw the news about Nelson Mandela, who, as you probably know, passed away recently, and on that news cast we could see the american president Barak Obama greeting the president of Cuba. And, there, I saw a signal os time. I remember, in science fiction movies there was a black american president which was something unbelievable some time ago. I remember all the problems and confusion with Cuba. And the truth is that, in the world, everything changes, everything passes, things are one way today and a different way tomorow. And that message, for me, is very powerful.

Don’t think that the situation you are in now is permanent, it’s not. You might be in a lot of difficulties, facing a lot of problems, the world might be crumbling beside you, but the truth is that it’s going to pass, it’s not permanent. Success is also not permanent. You might be very well off, earn a lot of money, you might have a very happy and fulfilled life, but that isn’t permanent either. Why? Because life is made of changes, permanent and constant challenges and what we want to achieve we can achieve.

If, 10 years ago, someone told me that there was going to be a black american president and that he’d be greeting the president of Cuba, I would think that this information is not viable and impossible. But, truth is that it happened. And, for me, it was inspireing. I was reminded that nothing in this world is permanent, everything passes, and we are here to take on all the good and bad things because both contribute to our evolution, to our growth, to our human development in every leve, mental, spiritual, material, all of them.

And for me this was a great experience I wanted to share with you, and assure you that you are right, that the position you find yourself in now is only temporary, what ever it is, and that life only evolves when we embrace challenges.”


When I started this fantastic adventure called Lazy Millionaires I was in a very difficult personal situation and then someone told me: “it will pass if you make it pass.”

I think it’s this iron will that comes from “being sick of being like this” that led me to seize the opportunity when it arose.

This was the agent of change. If you told me a year ago that I would earn more than $ 220,000 this year, I’d say somebody’s smoking spoiled drugs.

But the world changes when we change. Life changes when you change it.

Today I remembered this truth and my day was cleaner. Living an inspired and inspiring life is for you, as for me, as it was for Mandela.

Obama or Castro, or Mandela are no more no less than you and I: humans trying to live their mission in the world the best they know and can.


I started this journey a year ago, and you’re going to start now, that’s how it is. Your time has come. Your time is now!

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