“There is only one true way of learning: by study and practice.”

It’s funny that this sentence seems wrong.

One form of learning: study and practice.

I was amused and wrote it. But it’s not only funny, it is also true.

The only way to learn is by using both legs: learn by study, execut, turn back to studying, turn back to executing. And each of these two parts of the process provides you with vital information to your learning process.

Do you remember “The Little Prince” by Saint-Exupéry? East it when you were a teenager? I read. And I went back to read it a few months ago and it seems that Antoine came out where he is and came stealthily up to my bookshelf and rewrote that Gadgety all while I was sleeping. The words seemed the same, but everything had changed. I also went back recently to read “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran and the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and let me tell you, I think these boys came here to my house while I was distracted and rewrote the books. Everything has a different dimension, the words have another meaning. However I think I learned more things and have a different understanding. I tell you, if I was not so stingy, pay willingly again the price of those books, because it was as if he had read the first time.

Knowledge is like a rowboat: reams with the paddle of the study, after the experience.

If you row with only one you’re not going anywhere.

To study without practice is illusion, to practice without the study is being full of yourself.

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