Life is complicated and everyone has many problems.

Today I discovered one of the reasons why so many people have so many big problems. I did a search on the keyword tool on Google and found:

  • The word “problem” has 6.12 million monthly searches.
  • The word ” solutions ” has 301,000 monthly searches.

Doesn’t the fact that people seek more than 6 million times per month for ” problems ” and only 300,000 for ” solutions ” tell you something?

In this article I will explain to you the formula of solvers. Simple and effective.

How is it possible to have a productive life, positive and rewarding while you’re focused on problems rather than solutions? Problems mean “past” while “solutions ” mean future. When you work to solve a problem you’re working backward, seeing with the back of the neck, or walking backwards. How can you get anywhere?

On the other hand, when you work for a grand project you’re looking forward, driven by a vision and you will achieve your goals because you walk in the direction your focused eyes tell you.

” Very good talk ” – you say now , ” but problems occur in everyone’s life . And they don’t just happen, but they have to be resolved. And how do you solve problems thinking of something else. This is not solving them, it’s escaping them”.

Good argument. Of course you’re absolutely right. If you don’t face problems and try to resolve them they are not going to be solved by themselves, right? More or less. That’s what I’m writing about on this post today.

As seen in the title: ” Immediate Solutions to Complicated Problems” is really what I’m going to tell you about.

So lets know how anyone can solve problems without being focused on them.

Knowing that the same circunstances can pose a problem for one person and not for another, we need to know how to identify what is a problem. Very simply, we can say that: A problem is a condition that we do not want for us. A natural disaster is a problem, as it is a debt, a scarecity, an attack on our lives or our property, a difficult relationship of personal or professional level, etc.

We think life should be a certain way and have an idea about our role in the world. When reality around us doesn’t seem to behave appropriately to our expectations or desires, then we have a problem.

Okay, now let us move to methods of immediate solution, or at least very rapid for most problems.

This is the formula : R = S + C

The Solution is the sum of Resources and Conditions. I explain. When problems arise, your ability to solve them is limited by your resources and the conditions around you. Resources are assets, the conditions are the environment.

A book is a resource, what you can take out of it for reading are your conditions. A friend is an asset, the fact that he can support you or not, and how, is a condition. Money in the bank is an resource, being able to use it and how you use it is a condition. Having someone to turn to for advice is a resource, what you do with the advise is your condition. Anyway, I think you understood the idea .

Now let’s see how to get all this working so you can be a Problem Solver.

When a problem arises you need to get the resources and create the right conditions for its solution. There is no other way to solve problems: you need to add resources to the conditions. The fewer the resources and the more adverse the conditions less satisfactory is the solution.

An example: There is an accident and you lose your home. For some people this is the tragedy of a lifetime, they have literally nothing. For others it is simply an annoying problem and within a few days everything will return to normal. Why? The first does not have the resources (money, influence, friends, other houses, clothing, transportation, etc., alternatives) and so the conditions are extremely complicated and the problem is unsolvable.

The second lost heritage, but because have the resources that the first had not, simply move to another house and buy back what they lost. Both have the same problem, but completely different solutions. And this difference comes exclusively from the resources and conditions of each.

Of those in the first group, those who were left with nothing, some have family members (resource) with who they get along beautifully (condition) and go to their house. Others have family members (resource) with who they do not speak (condition) and sleep on the street.

Another example:  Antonio and Manuel have the same profession for 10 years at the same company and lost their jobs. They were both stuffed full of problems. Anthony has 3 sons and one unemployed wife (condition), never saved a penny in life ( lack of resources), Manuel is single (condition) and has 20 thousand euros in the bank (resources).

Another example: two people of a company were dismissed. One remained unemployed, the other was hired the next day by a competitor, earning 20% more salary. One knows how to create wealth in this new economy, the other is drowning in financial problems.

Another example. Another attended a professional course (resource), got a part-time (condition) , and found a solution.

If you notice carefully, all problems have several solutions , and these derived from the resources and conditions of each person. What then is your job, dear Problem Solver? You need to spend your whole life gathering resources and creating conditions. Whole life? Yes.

It may seem a lot of hard work, I believe so, but if you notice well thats what you already do every day without realizing it. And, because you don’t realize it, often the resources and conditions that you seek and create won’t serve you in anything when problems arise.

Seeing all football programs on TV is fun and is a resource. You become a specialist in managing teams of technical and tactical football and know everything about everything (condition). However, if you need extra money, unless you come to be hired by Benfica, or by TVI as a commentator, these resources and conditions bring you inadequate solutions. Now an inadequate solution is in itself a new problem.

So you need to be aware. Every book you purchase, you are gathering a resource, if you read it to learn it, you’re improving your condition. Each course you may go on, and every project you evolve yourself with, every person you meet, every thing you say and do, you are gathering resources (or wasting them, depending on what you do) or creating conditions (favorable or unfavorable, depending on your choices).

That is why people are not all equal. Some are blocked looking at problems because they see no solutions. And they don’t have them because there aren’t seeing the resources and conditions they have at their disposal. And, believe me, everyone has both and everyone can find solutions to every problem that arises.

Still, more than 6 million searches on Google for “problems” and only 300,000 for “solutions ” indicate that there are 6 times more people looking for problems than a way to overcome them.


Rui Gabriel


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