The way to Toronto, I do a summary of this amazing week that I just lived with the top 1% of the world. (and I just found out that I myself am in this top, which is amazing for me).

This finding increases my responsibility for you, who is reading me. Along with the Lazy Millionaires I changed my life and I am helping many people to change their lives too.

The incomes mentioned here are not typical. You can earn something in Empower Network, you can win nothing or you can get rich, depending on your work and the skills that you have and / or develop. Average incomes here.

Hello, I’m Rui Gabrieland I’m at the airport in Denver, on my way to Toronto. We have just finished, in the last couple of days, the Empower Network Event here in Denver. And this vídeo is to resume a little of what happened and the changes that happened during this week-end.

It was an unbelievable week-end. Personally I learned a lot of things:

I learned that someone that earns 1million dollares isn’t different from me, or you.

By the way, in this vídeo I’m going to talk about money. It doesn’t mean that the numbers I’m going to talk about are average. Close to this vídeo there should be a declaration related to the average income. So click on that link and check it out.

But there are a lot of people who are earning a lot of money with Empower Network, fortunatly I’m one of them, and through out these three days I’ve had the chance to be with people of a calibre that is unbelievable, not only because they earn a lot of money, but I could understand that that money came in the most ethical and responsible way possible. They really are amazing people as human beings.

I was with Aaron Rashkin, withVick Strizheus who just earned his second million dollares, with Tony Rush and Lawrence Tam who just earned their first million dollares in Empower Network, in the few months that is the life of Empower Network. And the fact that I spend time with these people, be at the table with them, talk to them, exanging ideas and hugs, I could understand what quind of people they are. And for me, that was a tremendous revelation. I’d had other network marketing businesses, I had been to other events, and I have never seen this much heart, this surrender of one person to another. For me it was complete news at this level and of this calibre.

So we see that there is a comunity, a real comunity, a movement, envolving Empower Network, that allows each person to grow, to be themselves without any issue, to be able to express themselves in what ever way they want and, for me, this is all new.

So this way we can go to the event, and I went to the event, like this (02:27), in t-shirt and shorts, and other people went in suits, and other people went in other ways. So everyone dresses and expresses themselves in what ever way they want. And that is valued here in Empower Network, that everyone is their true self, because the best marketing in existence is for everyone to be just who they are.

So, through out these days I’ve had the chance to be with some of these people, I went on stage to get my giant check of $65.000 for my last 3 month’s work. It grew $4.000 since my last one from 3 months ago. But this is just the beggining. And I had the pleasure and the great joy of watching my sponser, Silvio Fortunato, go up on stage to recieve a check bigger then mine and mostly to be a speaker on stage for an audience of 6.000 people. For me, that was unbelievable, it made me so happy because he deserves all that. My entire business and everything that is happening in our group, the Lazy Millionaires League, come from his inspiration and leadership. I felt very proud seeing him on stage.

I know that that stage is open to everyone, I will be there very soon, many other people from the group will be there because, it’s not just the fact of being on stage with all those people wich for me is a bit intimidating, but it’s a simbol, it’s a sign that you got to a certain place, you got certain results and people recognize that you have something to say that can help all the people who are listening. Sílvio had a tremendous performance, it was one of the highlights of the event and, of course, we, the Lazy Millionaires, are very proud of that. Knowing the the stage is open to who ever wants to conquer it as a simbol of the value that is recognized and given to the comunity.

These are some of the things that happend this week-end.

We were at Aaron Raskin’s house yesterday for a team party. I was there with Chris Record and it was very funny with him. He’s one of the big guys in the company, and he came up to me, huged me and thanked me. I didn’t really know why and he thanked me for the inspiration, he thanked me for being there, but I felt like I had to thank him because thanks to him I also learned a lot of things from his courses in Empower Network. I thought it was really funny that he approached me, huged me, and thanked me and told me that, thanks to me, thanks to Sílvio and thanks to the Lazy Millionaires, we are pushing everyone to grow faster and walk more. Chris Record told me he is one of them, because soon we’re gonna catch up to his income and he’s going to have to start working.

Of course Aaron Rashkin and his wife, Sophia, were there to, along with David Sharpe, his fianceé and his daughter. We spent an entire afternoon together there, on the grass just talking. We talked a lot about things related to Portugal, about the portuguese language which includes Brazil and some other countries, we talked about projects, ideas and vision. I can tell you that he is %100 commited to our project and what we want to do. I gave David Sharpe a portuguese flag and he took it home with him to remember us. Though I know he remembers us everyday, when he starts seeing the results of some people.

So resuming what these 3 or 4 days were, here in Denver: It was an incredible experience, the energy in that room was incredible. We had the chance to hang out with a lot of leaders, the gang went rafting in the morning of the group party. We met all kinds of people from all kinds of places, we built a lot of relationships, which is one of the good things that these events bring, in particular with Empower Network because e network with lots of people from everywere and we create friendships with lots of people.

Now I’m on my way to Toronto after this week in Denver with four very strong event days and the plan is very simple.

The plan is to continue to make the difference in people’s lives, to continue to enjoy life which is the Lazy Millionaires motto, “Enjoy Life and Make the Difference”, so this is my mission and it’s our mission. So in anything that I might be useful for making the difference in someone else’s life, I’ll be happy to do.

I got my $65.000 check, everything is yet to be done, we are just in the beggining. I’m super excited because I can see that there is no limit. I brough a plan to achieve hights that I could never imagine were possible, not for me, not for anyone, just some months ago. And my mind expandid during this week-end. I saw people, I saw ideas, was of thinking and ways of feeling that made my mind expand and my understaning of the world and business on the Internet, as well as myself. It helps me understand myself and others better which, in turn, gives me the capacity to help others better as well.

That is my mission, I see it as my life’s mission, to enjoy life and make the difference. And if I can be useful to you, who is watching, that just depends on you. So if I can help you know what to do, you can contact me in all sorts of ways through the internet. At the bottom of this page there should be instructions on what to do, either to buy orto subscribe. Everything depends on you. Take action and I’m here on the other side to support you, myself and the entire Lazy Millionaire Team and everyone at Empower Network, from the founders to people who just got in today. We are all following the same path and we are all here for you.

Big hug, be cool.

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