The last time I came to Toronto it was something like 7 years ago, with the trip paid for by my mother-in-law in order to spend some time together: she, my brothers and sisters-in-law, my daughters and wife, and of course, me.

I never had the money to do any traveling. Every journey, even if it was only a few hundred kilometers were always a source of incredible stress because money was always counted and never really enough to not have to worry too much about it.

He hated traveling. I didn’t understand how people (and many!) said they loved to travel. That to me was a source of miserable stress.

Now I found out why I hated it: because I had no money, because I lived in constant fear that something abnormal was going to happened and that we’d get in trouble.

This actually happened once , in Serra da Estrela, we stayed there, my wife, myself and my daughter Laura, at the time just a few months old, with a wrecked car, no money to fix it, no money to stay at a hotel and with a baby daughter. Well, it was an adventure! It took years until we could laugh about it.

I found that, once solved the problems with money and overcomed the fear of scarcity, I love to travel. Only it did not know until very recently.

Over the past 15 days my wife went from Portugal to Canada with my youngest daughter (where my my oldest daughter already is), I went to Denver with the two middle daughters and their boyfriends. We stayed there a week of pure fun, they returned to Portugal and I came to Toronto for two weeks of socializing with friends and family that I have here, before returning to Portugal, just in time to return to Algarve to continue the vacation started two weeks before traveling to Denver.

Is that not fantastic? During this time I gained more than $ 10,000 *, keeping the business running with one or two hours a day online.

And to think that this amazing life started only nine months ago when I bought my initial subscription of Empower Network and I entered the group of Lazy Millionaires.

Today I bring you a little video I made on Dundas Street in Toronto. Place of work and life of many Portuguese and Brazilian immigrants, in search of their dreams.

The video is in portuguese but you can still take a loot around this little street.

I made the decision to take the Empower Network opportunity after seeing this video. It changed my life in more than one aspect.

* the income mentioned in this article is not typical, because we are not typical people. See the average income with Empower Network here.

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