I arrived in Toronto yesterday and today we are working hard in the garden, Filipe (Pipo) and me.

One of the best things that this way of life has is that we can work wherever we want with whomever we choose and enjoy life in many ways while keeping one or another point of contact with our online business.

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel, I am in Toronto, Canada. I came to find oone of my affiliates. Well, if I could chose I wouldn’t have signed him up, but I didn’t have a choice cause we can’t chose them. So we came to spend some time. His name is Filipe, or Pipo, for friends. He’s right next to me and I want to ask him something, you live here in Toronto, how long have you been with Empower Network and what is your experience, until now, with the group and with your envolvement in the project?

Well, I’m living here, in Toronto. I’ve been with Empower Network for about 3 months and, so far, I’m loving it, it’s being a great experience. The dynamic of the group is 5 stars, we never feel alone, we’re always in a spirit of freedom and support and that really helps when you have your own business and when we want to be free financialy and free time.

The proof that Pipo is a defender of the Empower Network project, it’s on his head. Show me your head (01:27). Empower Network on his cap, that is awesome. So, Pipo, tell me, what are your goals and what do you think you’ll be able to achieve with Empower Network, and what you want to achieve in the next 3 months.

In the next 3 months getting to $1000 a day is my goal. After that it’s $2000 a day, 3 months later $3000 a day, and so on.

Ok, if you haven’t noticed, $3000 a day is $1 million a month. Why the hell do you think that is possible? Isn’t that something out of reality?

Because, like I said before in another video of mine, why do we have to limit ourselves to earning 500 euros a month in Portugal, or $1600 here? I’m mean, it’s okay to earn $1600, but there is always a limit, right? Why do we always have a limit? Why can’t we decide to earn $40.000 a month? We can always believe we can earn more, and I believe that.

Do you think the method we have provides that?

Of course! The method is awesome. Like I said before, when we run into difficulties, the group shows us were to go so, it’s a lot easier because we’re not alone.

Cool. So I’ll say my good-byes now, it’s a beautiful day, the sun is okay, I already miss the sun in Portugal but it’s still a great day. We are going to spend the day together and work together, and we’ll keep in contact. Big hug to you.

Obviously, when we talk about incomes, it doesn’t mean they’re automatic. You may earn something, you may not. On the footer of every Empower Network page there is an Income Discloser so go take a look at the average income earnings in the business. Everything is updated in real time every day, so everything is there.

Big hug for you, if there is something you want but haven’t found yet might possibly be because you haven’t found the right people, the right environment or the right tools. But I think here you might find them. What do you think.


I like the relaxed way we relate, the professional way we conduct business online, the brutality of money we make (I still have in memory the check I received this week of $ $ 65,175.00) and I especially love the positive impact we have in the life of so many people.
To me the greatest value of this Empower / Lazy project is the hope that we give to people who seek time for themselves, freedom to enjoy the finer things in life and money in order to live quietly, without fear of the future and to contribute to the welfare of other people.

If you yourself, are one of these people, be welcome: Register here now, let’s make it happen.


About the statements of earnings in this article:

By no means is income of any kind guaranteed.
All examples presented are real and verifiable and are here as an illustration of what is possible.
The average income statistics are published in real time here.
We believe that you can also achieve great results and that you will do the right choices to live a fantastic life.
Because you deserve it, let’s make it happen.

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