“To change the world all that is needed is a person who has realized his potential.”

A story:

A child was running around the garden while his father read the newspaper. “Play with me Daddy!”, he asked, but his father was too engrossed in reading to pay any attention to him. “Play with me!” he insisted.

On that paper was a full-page ad that had an image of the globe. The man then had an idea to shut the kid up. He ripped the contour of the globe until he had a perfect circle in his hands, the Earth with its continents.

Then he tore it into small pieces and handed them to his sun. “Here, reconstruct the globe!”, thinking it would take forever. He knew that his son didn’t know the configuration of the continents very well!

But adults have the habit of undervaluing focus and determination of children, and that’s what happened . After a minute the boy yelled to his father “done! It’s so pretty, come and see”. The father, jaded by the interruption but full of wonder and curiosity and went to see.

He found the globe perfectly reconstructed. “How did you do it? ” he asked. “Simple, on the other side was a picture of a man. When I joined all the pieces and remade the man the world was rebuilt too.”

The most interesting thins is that the photo that was behind the destroyed world was yours.

If you become what you are, if you achieve all your potential, you recover the whole world.

All the people who have changed the face of the Earth were ordinary people who expressed everything for which they were created: Zoroastro, Lao Tze, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, are known names, Maria , Antonio, Manuel, John, Rui, Suzette, Louise, Andrew, and very many others, that do not appear on television, do miracles on a day- to-day fulfilling themselves as people, in their work generously.

To follow the example of the great means to extract the greatness that is placed inside of you, nothing more.

This is your sole responsibility, your single mission: to give expression to all your potential, to complete yourself. To complete the world.

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