“Only intelligent people seek to help them, people smarter than them.” – Baltasar Gracián

In the line of business I’m in, independent entrepreneurship, this is the best of truths.

I often say: “to have success, seek to work with you people better than you” and this is the whole secret of my success as an entrepreneur.

This has several side effects:

  1. Eliminates my ego out of the equation. I do not have to compete with anyone or show I’m the best, but it takes me to truly appreciate the successes of others and their capabilities far superior to mine. And gives me the corresponding profit.
  2. Makes me, even being of limited intelligence, I can still be very successful: just find people better prepared than me and it is in these circumstances, very easy: most are.

If you can find a business like this: that thrives and if you find and work with people better than you.

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