Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and today I am at your service to be your guide on a hallucinating journey.

Along the way, you will discover that there are hundreds of people that want to give you money, appreciation and recognition for something that at the moment you might not even know you have. You’ll find not only where is this hidden value, but where are those people and how to provide them with ways to arrive to you, to take apreciate your value and in return, give you money, recognition and appreciation.

When you reach the end, after you have read and lived each post, I can assure you that you will not be the same. And that will not happen because I’m someone special, I am, as you are, but because you’ll turn into experience every information shared here. That’s why the person you are now is exhausted and dying and a new person is about to be born.


Until a while ago my life was full of struggles, some victories and many failures. A life dominated by scarcity, fear of the future, by a sense of powerlessness in the face of events that didn’t seem to be favorable. One day in August, however, something happened that changed this life forever.

Before telling what happened and what is the origin of these articles, I will introduce myself first, so you to get to know the sequence of events that brought me here, in your path, at this time.

Without wanting to bore you with my resume, I can tell you that briefly played the following roles throughout my life, in order to earn my livelihood, feel acomplished professionally and as a person and provide the same for my family:

Musician in the garage and bars, provisional professor by  contract, supermarket cashier, forced into military, employed as a graphic designer in an events company, owned two bankrupt companies connected with advertising, independent entrepreneur in network marketing and Internet Marketing.

Academics: a course in theology abandoned halfway.

However, despite this kind of curriculum (and perhaps because of it), I decided to try to understand what made it possible for a person to receive 1 million dollars or more per month.

It intrigued me the mechanics of this apparent injustice.

I saw on one hand a Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho taking home tens of millions of euros annually, I saw people charging 1000 euros per hour to give opinions (with the pompous name of “consultancy”), saw Internet Marketers making one million per month, and on the other hand saw myself and almost all my friends and acquaintances that could barely lift their nose above the water.

Knowing that I and people around me are people of value, good, knoledgable of our professions, hardworking and honest, where would be the difference between them and us?

In the media, among tragedies and petty politics, saw advertised the income of some successful people, executives, public figures, all loaded with a great deal of envy by almost everyone, including by the journalist himself .

At that time I thought “good for them” that they earn so much. If you earn much is because they have a lot of value to the market. Then I remembered something that a great mentor of mine once told me: “You earn exactly the amount equal to the value you have to market.

What makes sense to me: I, as a human being, I knew my worth as a father, as a husband, friend, co-worker and as a professional. I knew I had value, but what I was worth to me, was not equivalent to what I was worth in the market: there were not many people in the world that valorize me and none would be willing to give me some of their hard earned money in exchange for something I could offer them.

I found that a lot of money was not a matter of luck or genes, or formal education, or personal capabilities, but the method, system, formula.

That excited me because if it’s a question of method, maybe I can find it, or have someone teach it to me!

It was then that I began to study these Successful People (whom I like to call SPs to facilitate).

I was especially interested in two things:

– Personal stories (the experiences that turned them into what they are today);

– Their methods: what they did and do, and if it could be duplicated.

I needed to make sure it would be possible for me too, to be a SP, even in the circumstances in which I found myself. If that were true, I could teach many more people and really my life would gain a new dimension.

The list of those SPs that serve as my objects of study is from the most varied aspects of life. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sir Richard Brandson
  • Bill Gates
  • Jim Rohn
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Mike Dillard
  • Ronda Birne
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Jack Canfield
  • Joe Vitale
  • Ted Nicholas
  • Napoleon Hill
  • George Clanson
  • Anthony Robbins
  • John Maxwell
  • Vishen Lakhiani
  • Paulo Coelho
  • Johnathan Bud
  • And many more …

Some of these people are dedicated to teaching what they have learned, and then it gets simplified, you can simply access the information to get the sense of what they think and do. However, as much as or more important than that is the observation of their actions, so they were given me to know by the means at my disposal: Internet and personal contact.

I studied these people alot, I have read and seen everything I came across. I studied, I learned, I have tried to share what I learned, but the results were not anything special. Something was missing. Incidentally, I lacked two things, but at the time I didn’t realise it.

That August day something happened that changed my life.

You know the story of the eccentric millionaire who was having a big party in his mansion? I’ll tell it.

There was a multimillionaire who was having a big party in one of his mansions. There were hundreds of guests, music, food, drink, and a small lake in the center of the garden.

    Now this lake was sealed because there were crocodiles in it. People gathered to see, full of curiosity. Even some people leaned out from balconies to see better, from an elevated position.

    Observing this interest in the animals, the billionaire had a crazy idea to have fun. Stopped the music and said into the microphone:

    – “To who can swim across the lake and survive, I offer this mansion as a prize.”

    Everyone was looking. The boldest measured up their chances, but in the silence, no one moved.

    Suddenly there was a AAAAHHH! Followed by a PLUUUUFFFF! There was someone in the water! How was it possible that someone had had the courage and the madness of throwing himself in the water? The fact however is that, whoever he was, he was fighting the crocodiles while trying to swim across the lake.

    The sound of splashing was huge, man, or woman, or whoever was there, was fighting with the animals but progressed so slowly that he could never hold up long enough to reach the other side.

    The truth is that he was crossing, and suddenly, a figure rose from the other side of the lake. It was a man that was swimming! Jumped the fence and was quickly grabbed by the guests who brought out on their shoulders to the stage where the millionaire was still mic in hand.

    The state of man was pitiful. He was all black with bruises, his arms and legs were red with blood, with the amount of bites, but given the circumstances, was alive and in good health.

    The millionaire called him to the microphone, he congratulated him, handed him the key to the mansion under the applause and cheers of the guests excited and impressed by the courage and audacity of the winner.

    When things calmed down, the millionaire said:

    – “You are an extraordinary person! Where’d you get the courage to jump into the lake?”

    And the man, now a millionaire, said:

    – “I would just like to know who was the son of a b… that pushed me in!”

That’s what happened to me: I was pushed into the lake of crocodiles. For some people this “fall” can be a job loss, or an accident, or an illness, or something else.

One thing is certain: it is always something normally considered “negative.”

To me, the “fall” was a financial problem that launched my bank account into negative temperatures several zeros below zero, while my responsibilities increased and the global crisis was declared.

I could hardly have been caught on more a complicated situation, but I had learned from my teachers that not only the circumstances are what they are, but they have the mission to give us an opportunity to move to the next level.

All good in theory, but in reality I panicked in hyperventilation. I was completely disoriented, with no exits or alternatives. I had read and heard my masters speak of moments of radical transformation, but I didn’t realize that I was going through one at that precise moment.

I was that day, like a cornered animal. I just wanted to sleep and wanted it to pass, but didn’t know how it would. I cried with rage at being trapped and feeling impotente. And was then that my life changed. Suddenly.

I thought that major changes were gradual.

Things slowly happened and changed.

But that day was not like that.

My life changed in 3 seconds.

Not exactly life but its trajectory.

Something went off in my mind. I think time management of my studies and observation of SPs and my unsuccessful attempts, had come to an end and the baby would be born.

I saw clearly that it was time to take the test seriously. There was no turning back: it either worked, or it worked.

The concern vanished as if by magic.

The next day I called the bank and creditors and settled a date for the settlement of accounts, I was so sure of the result that I didn’t even ask for benefits. I established the aim to make 3000 euros in one day and started to prepare that day.

I knew that if I could reach that objective once, I would be able to do it again and again, for that would mean I was playing in a higher league, with other values ​​at stake, and players of a different quality.

Well, not to make a long story, in the days following my focus was total and complete, I put into action everything I knew, I gave it my all every minute of the day following the plan.

I was very afraid because I was exposing myself a lot and failure was a very real possibility.

But whenever I came across these thoughts, I focused on work and forgot them.

I knew well that, if it didn’t work, I would have committed my life for many years. So it had to work!

The truth is that on the appointed day I could not make the 3000 euros.

That day made 2898.50 euros, and in the following days, a total of more than 5000.

Today I am writing these articles because the teachings that I have been offered by dozens of very successful people, plus the “fall” head first that I was obliged to get through, have radically changed my life and, I hope, can now help you change yours .

In those few days, between tragedy and salvation, I stopped being a person completely unknown in my market to become someone whom many people pay to learn from on how to turn their professional lives around, in sectors in which they operate.

One day one of my clients, listening to my story about how I was transformed in a few days, said I was a sort of “Instant Guru” and asked me if it could be taught and learned. Then came the idea and the name of the book “Instant Guru” and these articles.

What we’re going to have access to here is very valuable.

Is it because it had a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives who’s lives it touched, starting with mine. I was and am only it’s first beneficiary.

You will learn many things.

For example, you will learn that you do not need to seek solutions to problems as they present themselves to you (who’d have thought it?!). Yes, what you need to do is to create conditions for the solutions to emerge. And they will come effortlessly. Then you’ll learn how to create these conditions.

Another interesting thing you will discover is that there are thousands of people that are now cash in hand, anxious to have the possibility to it give to you. Only they do not know it (since they don’t even know you yet!). You will learn how to reach them, give them what they seek and receive the money they have for you as a thank you.

You’ll also create a lot of treadmills, from various directions, bringing things to you in an automated way: money, recognition and appreciation.

As strange as it may seem to you, it’s what will happen.

Recognition, for example, is even more rewarding than money.

You’ll understand this when you receive messages of deep gratitude for the positive impact you had on the lives of many people that you do not even know. But they know you, respect you, admire you, and you make a real difference in their lives.

I receive many messages by email, facebook and my blogs. This feedback is important to me.

It makes me feel accomplished and gives me the assurance that everything I do to encourage and support others to change their lives, is really worth it.

In the context of the title of this book, can it be that an ordinary person, with absolutely nothing extraordinary, can become a Guru Online instantly?

The surprising answer is “Yes!“. Not quite a “just add boiling water” kind of thing, but almost.

What took me several years to develop, many months studying, practicing and learning, when it was necessary to put into practice, gave results in a few days.

I met a very successful businessman who told me a few years ago: “I’ve been working as a convict a number of years in a row, to get rich from one day to the other!”.

This is the process: an accumulation of pressure, such as inside a volcano.

One day it explodes with full force.

The results come from nowhere, the money appears from unexpected sources, the business flourishes and we can barely understand what happened.

Before understanding this mechanism, well, I tried and I tried. Bought the courses, learned the techniques, but always lacked something. At the time I did not know that, now I do.

I write these articles for you, to save you the hardships of research, time and money spent and uncertain results, concentrating in a single place all relevant information, and at the same time, show you how to do it, step by step, using both specific techniques you will not find nowhere else and others widely available but dispersed over the Internet.

After all, you will only attain success when you have created the conditions that your audience is eager to give you their appreciation, recognition and money.

These articles are written for a professional audience, but also for true “newbies” in the industry of Internet Marketing and Personal Marketing.

You can find the things you are sick of hearing about, but have patience with me because these things are here for the benefit of people who do not have your development. In any case do not skip these articles because you never know where you’ll find that word or phrase that gives you a mental click and that opens to you a new view of things.

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