The Powerful Phrases were a 3-year process that involved a large conscious personal growth work.

These articles were written with the intention of being posted in the blog Some are there, others will be, others may never see that light of day.

They were the result of my personal reflections on a daily dialogue with some of my many mentors.

I have to thank all the people who have crossed paths with me during this process, especially to my brother João. Powerful Phrases would not exist without him since he was a great supporter: created the fan page on Facebook and recovered all the text after the Google decided to delete the contents of the blog where I was writing these thoughts every day. Thanks John for your magic with the servers in Google’s cache.

Of course I thank all those who contributed to my growth since my teens until today, especially my wife Melissa and my 4 daughters who have more patience than is humanly just ask.

The style is informal, the tone is like the feel it, the light, that I received the same way that I gave it. Enjoy.

Rui Gabriel

Lazy Millionaires League

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