Habit is the best of servants or the worst of masters.” – Nathaniel Emmons

How did you learn to walk as a child? Very concentrated in putting one foot ahead of the other, while at the same time trying to keep balance, with open arms, and you focused on your mother’s arms a meter away. You were fully engaged and committed, 100% present in that task. Today, even your subconscious isn’t interested in your walking, much less your conscious! It’s something you do automatically. Why? Habit.

When you got your driver’s license and stepped into a car to drive for the first time, remember? Difficult to maintain control over the gears, the brake, accelerator, traffic signs, other cars, pedestrians. Today you do all this and still you hold a conversation with the person next to you. How? Habit.

One day at school a friend offered you a cigarette. You hated it, but smoked it not to make a scene. Today you smoke a pack a day and it is hard for you to spend a few hours without smoking. Why? Habit.

You do a half hour of daily exercise, you always have one or two books in the reading process, breathe three times and count to 10 before you get angry, after taking care of all you have to you still find yourself a little time to evolve.

How are you doing all this? Habit.

Create habits that take you closeer to your goal and eliminate the ones that take you far from it.

Place them in service to you and keep them under a iron glove because if they control you they will destroy all your dreams.

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