” It’s my job, it’s what I know, it’s what I’m on Earth to do and what I am.” – Peter O’Toole

I would say that it’s his “why“. There are people, few ! ( irony ), who have no idea of what they’re doing in this world. They have not yet found their place.

The problem is that, as long as they don’t find it, they won’t find themselves. I know that what defines you is not what you do, not what you have, or your tastes, projects, work, ideas, thoughts, emotions, memories … Not actually sure what defines you, but I know that while if you don’t discover it you will not find your why, your reason for being.


Now comes the hard part. This discovery begins in adolescence and never ends. There is no such thing as knowing your definite purpose in life.

Everything is a process.

There are degrees of understanding and execution of this purpose and our mission impossible to keep lifting the tip of the vei, one day at a time, every day putting a puzzle piece in the right place.

With work and time your actual photograph will be revealed and you will discover your purpose.

When you will discover it, you’ll have all the success in the world because the whole universe will resonate in tune with everything you do. Then you’ll say like Peter, ” it’s what I am.”

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