Hello, Rui Gabriel here, Lazy Millionaire to challenge your beliefs and your mental boundaries of what is possible and what is impossible.
If you allow me to tell you the truth and let yourself be challenged read to the end.

As a child Jorge had cerebral palsy that brought unusual physical difficulties.

During school time he had to face all kinds of “differentiation.” His almost complete deafness as a result the paralysis complicated his life in a indescribable way.

He is a fighter but misunderstood, which eventually found that perhaps he did not deserve to enjoy the better things, like everyone else.

This belief made to isolate itself and spend the maiora part of his adult life practically alone.

3 months ago he discovered the Lazy Millionaires and was challenged and join the group. Decided to accept the challenge and started with his basic subscription of $ 25 and went to our event LIFEXTREME.

Then he started his first change and the beginning of a different life.

For decades he had not heard, but never considered important to listen. A hearing aid has always been considered low priority and excessive price.

But the contact with Team Lazy Millionaires had challenged Jorge to value himself, to take care of himself, to be aware that he is a person entitled to have the best and to be happy in all respects.

Imbued with this spirit he decided to move heaven and earth to buy a hearing aid and be able to listen to speakers at the event, little did he know that he would be one of them.

Here is the video (in portuguese) recorded at the event:

Who could imagine that this new attitude would inspire us all in such a strong way?
Who could imagine that Jorge would earn $ 1,600 dollars in 24 hours only three months after the date on which we made the video?

Well, that’s what happened.

Jorge Moreira

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This story, for some people will serve only to think “oh, but that’s him because of this and because of that” and find justifications for not moving their buts and let themselves stay the same.

(Remember that I asked permission at the beginning, to challenge your beliefs and you gave it for the simple fact that you’re reading this message. Do you remember? Yeah, prepare yourself to be even more challenged).

I’ll tell you a fantastic story:

There was a blind man who was begging and had a dog next to him.

The dog whined, whined. Showed so much suffering that a passerby had to stop and ask the blind man:

– Why is the dog whining so much? Is it sick?

When the blind man replied:

– No. It’s fine. It’s just sitting on top of a board that has a nail and the nail is pricking him.

– So why does the dog not get up?

– Because it hurts him enough to complain, but not enough to get up.

Isn’t that a stupid dog?

If you ever complained that life is not going well, that you do not earn enough, that you do not have better prospects in life, that you have no time, that you have no money, that you can not dedicate yourself to things that are important to you. ..

… you can you stop complaining and get up off the nail. Begin here.

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