“At least once a year we need to reboot.”

We humans, I speak for myself, we have an extraordinary ability to accumulate junk in our lives.

It’s physical junk: things that accumulate and are good for nothing

  •     Emotional junk: more or less vague resentment, odiozinhos pets, fears, insecurities left for some failure
  •     Mental junk: prejudice, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, procrastination,
  •     Spiritual junk: superstitions, ego, need for power, superficiality.

It is like a computer: you it, abuse it, you work, you have fun, and it reaches a point, you have your anti-virus out of date, the hard disk is full of junk, all fragmented, registry files gone wild. You need to reboot, or perhaps format the disk.

The advantage of starting over, is that it allows us to forgive us same for the past, understand that the past is important but not the commands because from now on we have a brand new leaf, blank, to start writing our future.

Clean the junk, starting with the physical and ending with the spiritual.

Make a general wash of your body, scrub, soap, hair cut, shave or visual change, then clean the closets of clothes and shoes that you do not use, you do not read the books, the furniture objects that do not say anything.

Give it all.

Then clean the emotions, don’t clarify misunderstandings, because the moment that try that will rise the dust that had already settled, but clean the little hatements and resentment within you and when you’re clean, talk to who you have to talk to and say you’re sorry for what happened.

Also do some cleaning of your mind, be sure that you give yourself the opportunity to progress, to study, to advance as a person. Grab the opportunity.

Finally reboot the spirit, learn to meditate, to come into contact with that part of your nature which makes you understand yourself and others and makes you collaborative, generous and prosperous.

There are moments in life when we have to make radical changes, check if this is not one of those moments.

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