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It’s almost midnight and I’m writing this article because there are things that can not be left for tomorrow. I discovered the “Chicken with Golden Eggs ” and I’ll show it to you.

We just expand the mind to embrace a new vision.  The scale has changed again.

I thought that consistently winning 150 or $ 200 per day online would be an almost impossible dream. Then one day, I started to gain more than 300. It expanded my mind and opened new horizons for me.

I thought it would be awesome if i could generate 20 or 30 contacts per day. In one day we’ve gone beyond the 100, then 200 and it expanded my mind. I got a new perspective of what would be possible.

In the past 24 hours the group of Lazy Millionaires generated over 2000 business contacts for the team, I earned $1625. In 24 hours! I thought it was impossible to see this happen!


Inside Empower Network is a collection of videos that few people in the world still viewed, and they explain things that almost nobody understood yet, but they are almost magical. It’s called 15k Formula  and it’s amazing!

What I will tell you now happened in the last 2 days because of information in these videos, and it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon.

Imagine a mountain of people who did not (and still do not) know almost anything about Internet, suddenly began to make sales online and earn 100% commissions!

– It happened so suddenly, with Maria Amelia, owner of a grocery store in Cós, in central Portugal,

– With the Ewandro Souza, S. Paulo, Brazil,

– It was the case of Marina Leal, who works in a pharmacy, from Lousã, Portugal

– The same happened with Miguel Borges, from Almada, Portugal, Yoga instructor.

– Heloiza Ronzani Niterói, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

– Sidnei das Virgens, from Mairinque, São Paulo, Brazil.

– Luis Moreira, from Lisbon, Portugal

– Laura Gabriel, from Leiria, Portugal

– Carlos Barradas,  from Milfontes, Portugal,

– Monica Bolini, from Vitoria, ES Brazil

– Manuel Manero, from Vila Real de Sto António, Portugal

– Sonia Leal, from Sintra, Portugal

and many, many others … hundreds and hundreds of people in recent days.

The business system of Lazy Millionaires, generated only yesterday more than 2000 business contacts: more than 2000 people asking to know about Empower Network.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people to come into contact with Affiliate members of Lazy  Millionaires, and bringing sales and more sales ….

What do you think will happen in the coming days, weeks and months with the people I mentioned above and all the people who take advantage of this unbelievable dynamics?

You can stay on the pier, or YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE HERE AND NOW of what the Lazy Millionaires and the Empower Network have prepared for you.

How would you feel if you could stop being afraid of the future? Or being afraid of unpaid bills? Or of not accomplishing your life?

How would you feel if stopped being afraid of not being able to give your family the best or even just the necessary? Or not being able to pursue your life’s dream ?

TODAY, I can tell you, in your ear: “I’m not afraid anymore!” And look, this is a difficult thing for me to say because I’m admitting I was afraid before. And I was! I was terrified, without any security for the future, but did not want to show. Maybe you’re in that situation, and I want to tell you that you are a hero to me.

But now I feel free, and I’m super happy because more and more people are experiencing this taste of freedom!

You will have to start some day. Click on this link. Make this day your day.

Friendly hug, all the way from Chão das Pias, Portugal

Rui Gabriel
Lazy Millionaire

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